Acrylic $23 

Acrylic with Gel Polish $35 

Powder Colored Gel (Highly Recommend) $38 

Dip powder (no tip) $35 

Dip powder (with tip) $38 

Pink & White Ombre $50 

Ombre set $50 

Pink and white $45 

Chrome nails $60 


Acrylic Fill $15 

Fill with Gel Polish $28 

Dip Powder fill $35 

Pink Fill $25 

Pink & White Fill $40 


Cut Down $3 

Nails Repair $3  - up

Long nail extra $3  - up

Hand Design $5  - up

Take Off Nails $10 

French Manicure $5 

Take off Gel $5 

Polish Change Hand $7 

Polish Change Feet $9 

Gel Polish Feet $20 

Gel Polish $20 

Paraffin & Hot Oil Treatment (Hand) $5 

Paraffin & Hot Oil Treatment (Feet) $7 


Under 8 years old

Hand Polish $5 

Feet Polish $7 

Manicure $10 

Pedicure $18 

Design 2 fingers $5 

Design 10 fingers $15 


Basic Manicure $13 

(Shape, cuticle trim, massage & polish)

Spa Manicure $18 

(Sugar scrub to remove dead & thick skin)

Deluxe Manicure $23 

(Sea salt or sugar scrub and cooling mask with hot towel)

Milk & Honey Manicure $26 

(Sea salt scrub with hot paraffin wax, massage with milk & honey butter)

Galaxy Deluxe Manicure $35 

(Sea salt scrub, cooling mask with hot towel, hot oil treatment, and extra massage with hot stone and neck massage)

Gel Manicure $30 

shape, cuticle trim, massages and gel polish


Basic Pedicure $23 

(Cuticle trimming, callus removal, light massages and polish)

Spa Pedicure $27 

(Callus treatment with sugar scrub or sea-salt and medium massage)

Deluxe Pedicure $32 

(Including everything, anti-bacterial soft soak, callus removal, sugar scrub, mask with hot towel, temporary massage, and polish)

Milk & Honey Pedicure $35 

(With sea salt scrub, callus removal and paraffin treatment, milk and Honey butter with topical pain relief for temporary massage)

Jelly Spa Pedicure $40 

(Basic pedicure, callus removal , with special of scrub Jelly to massage entire your feet, and mask with hot towel)

Fantasy Beauty Pedicure $42 

(With sugar scrub, callus removal, cooling mask, paraffin treatment and extra massage)

Galaxy Deluxe Pedicure $55 

(Anti-bacterial soft soak, espresso scrub, cappuccino mask with callus, hot towel, paraffin wax treatment, deep hot stone massages)

Fresh Tropical Fruit Pedicure $65 

(Everything of galaxy deluxe pedicure with fresh fruit to scrub the skin include fresh cucumber, orange, or lemon)

Gel pedicure $38 

Cuticle trimming callus removal light massages and gel polish


Eyebrows $9 

Eyebrow and Tinting $25 

( 7 to 14 days last without makeup)

Lip $5 

Chin $10  - up

Under Arms $20 

Half Leg $30 

Full Leg $55 

Bikini $30 

Brazilian $55 


Individual Flare eyelash $25  - up

(Short, Medium, or Long)

Volume eyelash with human hair $60 

Mixing Individual and Volume $35 

Strip Eyelashes $13 

Mink eyelash $120 


Beauty Facial $40  (35-40mins)

(cleansing face, steamer, remove blackheads, honey-sea mask, massage, serum C, toner, snow white cream)

Deluxe Facial $65  (50-60mins)

(cleansing face, steamer, remove acnes, boost up skin with LED machine, massage, serum C, toner, snow white cream)


30 Minutes (hot towel, hot stone) $45 

60 Minutes (hot towel, hot stone) $80 


Microblading $300 

Microblading and Shading $300